GEERTOP Lawn Aerator Shoes – Grass Aeration Shoes with 2 Adjustable Straps & Metal Buckles, 26 Spikes Heavy Duty Lawn Aerator Shoes for Effectively Aerating Lawn, Yard, Garden Soil, One Size Fits All


  • 【Professional Garden Tools】- A grand total of 26 heavy duty spikes will pierce the ground as you walk, breaking up compact soil and maximizing air flow and water absorption, improving the health of your lawn. It’s easy and fast to poke into the deep soil, helping grass absorb water, nutrients and air from the deep roots to make your lawn greener and healthier
  • 【Durable & Sturdy】This grass aeration shoes are made up of a sturdy plastic base with good heel support, 13 heavy duty metal 2.24 inches (57 mm) spikes on each sandal, and 2 adjustable straps with strong mental buckles, highly anti-corrosive and durable. The shoes stay firmly on your feet and the sharp nails make it easy to dig the soil, and an effective core aerator
  • 【One Size Fit All】One Lawn aerator shoes suitable for all kind of shoes of men, women or teenagers as long as your shoes is not that too small , 2 adjustable straps(Three sides) can tightly the lawn aerating shoes to your boots; Remember to fix the spikes tightly on the aeration shoes with wrench to avoid the loose after using for while, they could work well in any soil, such as dirt, sand and clay
  • 【Quick & Easy to Install】Geertop aerator shoe garden tools also come with a FREE small wrench to make the installation extremely easy; You can use it to tighten the nuts that hold the spikes on the shoes. Once installed the lawn aeration shoes can be strapped over any of your strong shoes, making you ready even for the most difficult to reach areas of your lawn
  • 【Exercise & Garden Fun】- Walk around to cover the entire length of your garden with the aerator shoes for a way greener, healthier and more beautiful lawn and grass. Also experience the fun of lawn aerating, a good exercisefor helping you to exercise the thigh and calf muscles; Several hundred cycles of yard aeration, and if maintained well even for a lifetime

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