Punchau Lawn Aerator Shoes with Metal Buckles and 3 Straps with Added Ankle Support Strap – Heavy Duty Spiked Sandals for Aerating Your Lawn or Yard


  • NEW HEAVY DUTY DESIGN WITH ANKLE STRAP – A stronger sole with added toughening agents within the plastic to prevent breaking, along with 3 thick nylon straps and a new ankle strap for extra comfort and stability preventing your foot from slipping as you aerate your lawn.
  • PROMOTES GREENER, HEALTHIER LAWNS – 13 2″ spikes per shoe puncture small holes within the top level of soil which allow more water, fertilizer, and air get down to grass roots, improving the health of your lawn.
  • ONE SIZE FITS ALL – Shoes fit the average shoe or boot, simply place your foot on the sole and feed the straps up through the metal buckles, pull tight and you are ready to aerate your lawn.
  • COMPATIBLE IN MULTIPLE SOILS – Our heavy duty lawn aerating shoes work to aerate grass in dirt, sand, and clay, simply strap on and walk across your lawn to conveniently aerate your yard.
  • CHEAPEST, EASIEST SOLUTION – Manual lawn aerators such as these aerating shoes are cheaper than an aerator machine rental, and way easier than using a hand lawn aerator!

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